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“ I can’t pee in a urinal unless someone is right next to me. ”

Dustin [src]

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Luke: If your house was on fire and you could only save one item, what would it be?
Dustin: My house

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Neil Gaiman

"Ha, maybe I’ve just read enough Gaiman at this point, but you kind of figure out that it’s what separates him from so many other authors who worry so much about a big climactic ending that they fuck up the rest of it. It’s not like he drops the ball with endings. They’re just… endings. I think in a way, our expectations are too high with endings. I mean we are posting on a forum centered around music with huge epic climaxes…" src

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Peter Broderick

"Peter, just keep doing what you’re doing." src

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"Shits phatter than the wood I have whenever I stare into Jonsi’s eye." src

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Architecture in Helsinki

"Will get old fast." src

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“ The internet. Where no one is wrong. ”

Dustin [src]

March 25, 2010

The National

"All their shit is phat." src / asked by

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